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Debunking 6 Notorious Senior Home Care Myths

Elderly Woman With Senior Caregiver - Beverly Hills Home CareThere comes a time in every senior’s life when they are faced with a difficult decision: should they leave their home and move to an assisted living facility or stay at their own family home and get help. Sometimes their loved ones are too busy with their careers, their children or they might live too far away meaning seniors cannot rely on their help at all times.

If your senior loved one is facing the same dilemma, perhaps you should both consider hiring a Beverly Hills home care expert? These trustworthy professionals offer various services meant to make seniors’ lives easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Of course, many seniors aren’t too keen on that idea either. Letting a stranger into your life and sharing some of the most embarrassing moments with them is intimidating to many seniors. However, much of these insecurities stem from myths notoriously perpetuated among the senior community, as well as their families.

Hiring a caregiver is a major decision, which is why you have to be familiar with the facts, not base your decision on the word of mouth. That is why, in this article, we are going to debunk a couple of notorious myths surrounding senior home care providers.


Caregiver Burnout: How to Recognize and Deal with It?

Woman at Therapy - Beverly Hills Home CareCaring for a senior loved one can be an incredibly difficult calling, both physically and especially emotionally. Caring for a senior means having to be there for them for everything they need, from taking care of a whim to helping them with basic needs like clothing or bathing.

While the task is rewarding, the stress can be overwhelming. That’s when “caregiver burnout” kicks in. Caregivers who neglect their own needs in place of someone else’s risk coming down with this particularly dangerous condition.

When this happens there are a few ways to proceed. Either you learn how to cope with caregiver burnout or you hire an expert through a reputable Beverly Hills home care referral agency like A Better Way In Home Care. Of course, you could also learn to tell the early signs of caregiver burnout and deal with it before it takes a toll on your life. Read on to learn more about fighting with this dreadful condition.


4 Essential Aging in Place Home Improvements

Happy Senior Couple From Behind Looking at Front of House.

Aging in place is a design that has been gaining popularity with the baby boomer generation for quite some time. Seeing their own parents move away from their home and into assisted living and nursing homes probably influenced their decision to grow old in their family home instead, whether by themselves or with a help of a Beverly Hills home care professional.

However, in order to ensure their safety, there are certain home upgrades that are mandatory for any aging in place home. The focus is mainly on creating a universal home, suitable for people of all ages and not just seniors. This is not just an architectural design, but a wider concept meant to ensure the safety of seniors, Alzheimer’s patients, the disabled and other vulnerable age groups.

In this article, we are going to list some of the most important elements of an aging in place home design.


Here Are 5 Leading Health Concerns for the Elderly

Senior Woman and a Doctor - Home Care Agencies in Beverly HillsTaking care of your health is important, no matter how old you are. However, as we age the risks we face increase, and a more proactive approach may be necessary. Seniors are faced with many health issues young people usually don’t have to worry about, and it is important to help them address and diagnose these issues in advance. Discovering a disease at an early stage could make all the difference when it comes to recovery.

The caregivers working with A Better Way in Home Care, the leader among home care agencies in Beverly Hills, know how to recognize the early stages of diseases most commonly affecting the elderly due to their vast experience. They also know how to comfort seniors and encourage them to seek professional help. They helped us comply a list of five health concerns commonly associated with seniors.


7 Myths about Alzheimer’s and the Truth behind Them

Struggling Senior Man - Home Care in BrentwoodAlzheimer’s is the most feared brain disease. Everybody knows this disease takes away your memories one by one until you cannot even recognize those closest to you. Unfortunately, that’s where the general knowledge about this disease stops.

The media and the internet are filled with stories about Alzheimer’s. We often see characters suffering from Alzheimer’s portrayed on the TV, and most of the time that portrayal is greatly exaggerated. Amidst all these portrayals and stories there’s a lot of false truths.

There are several notorious myths those unfamiliar with the disease perpetuate about who can contract Alzheimer’s, how it affects them and what the outcome will be. These myths often stand in the way of helping loved ones struggling with it and understanding what they are going through.

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at 7 most common Alzheimer’s myths and debunk them once and for all.


Smartwatches Usher in a New Era for Homecare in Beverly Hills

Senior with a Smartwatch - Homecare Beverly HIllsA California scientist by the name of Michael Snyder made a breakthrough discovery while studying how smartwatch technology can be used in medicine. While conducting his research, Snyder discovered that the watch showed an elevated heart rate and higher skin temperature than usual. He found it extremely odd because he felt just fine. But only a few days later he caught a low fever which prompted him to see the doctor. He was given an antibiotic which helped cure the symptoms before they became more serious. Snyder went on to write a paper about his findings, including more people in his demo.

While more research is required to prove this method actually works, his paper made us think how Smartwatches can help senior citizens and make homecare in Beverly Hills much easier for them and their caregivers. Smartwatches can without a doubt have a huge impact on seniors’ quality of life as the technology evolves.