In Home Care In Calabasas

In Home Care In Calabasas

Whether you need hourly or live-in home care in Calabasas, A Better Way In Home Care can match you with caregivers (a.k.a. professional domestic workers) who provide the most competent and compassionate services in the industry. The level of care they offer can be customized so that it respects the client’s capabilities for independence – if there are activities that they can perform alone, the caretaker does not have to interfere.

A Better Way In Home Care has been referring caregivers to families in Calabasas since 1998. Even though we are not their direct employers, we screen their qualifications and references with utmost scrutiny.

The available services run the gamut and are geared toward ensuring your elderly relative has the highest quality of life possible. The caretaker can assist your loved one with their hygiene, daily routines like basic housework and daily errands. The caregiver can also provide companionship, which is no less important than supporting the client through their daily functioning.

These are some of the services that the client can get as in home care in Calabasas:

  • Bathroom and showering assistance
  • Help with getting dressed
  • Personal care pertaining to grooming
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the home – laundry, dishes, taking care of plants, taking out the garbage, etc.
  • Taking the client to the doctor’s office in the car and accompanying them inside
  • Assistance with errands like shopping
  • Ambulation and exercise (walking, for example)
  • Looking after pets

An important benefit of having a professional looking after your elderly relative is that they can ensure all the doctor’s orders are followed regarding the diet and the medications. This can be particularly demanding if you don’t live with your relative, because it’s something that requires everyday commitment. When a professional is in charge of that, you have that time to use in more quality ways, but you are also sure that your relative is well looked after.

The testimonials of our clients and our reviews available on Yelp and Angie’s List are the best testament to how dedicated we are to going above and beyond our client’s expectations. Ever since we opened shop in 1998 we wanted to excel at what we do and we are still focused on that goal.

If you are interested in getting more information about what we do and how we do it, feel free to call us right now. We would be more than happy to talk about the specific needs of your family and how we can help you.

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