Senior Home Care_Transportation

Many elderly people hate that they can no longer drive. It means that some places they used to go to regularly are less accessible to them now, if accessible at all. Depending on the vicinity of facilities such as the hospital or the mall, some elderly people are unable to tend to their everyday needs, such as shopping for groceries or going to the doctor. In most cases, they are confined to their homes and dependent on family members for transportation. However willing family members may be to help, their daily schedules often make it impossible to fully assist their elderly loved one, who’s left waiting at home, possibly missing doctor’s appointments.

Bad weather can also pose a considerable threat to elderly seniors, who find it difficult to go out when it is raining or excessively windy, which makes even small distances unreachable. Younger people take many things for granted, whereas elderly people face the risks even when running simple errands. Family outings, taking part in social activities, traveling to other places become almost unimaginable, cutting the elderly out from the rest of the world, even though they are not done exploring it.

This is exactly where we can help by pairing your elderly loved one with a caregiver that will make sure your loved one is still able to get to and from wherever they need to go. The Los Angeles and other senior care providers that A Better Way In Home Care refers have auto insurance, driver’s licenses and have received a background screening from the California DMV, which shows that they are more than qualified to provide transportation for your family member.

The following are just a few of the transportation services that caregivers provide.

  • Can take your family member to scheduled doctor’s appointments.
  • Can be there to pick up your loved one from the hospital after surgery.
  • Can accompany your loved one to the actual appointment instead of just dropping him off at their desired destination.
  • Can drive your family member to the doctor, the store, to family outings, the bank, the drugstore and make arrangements for other personal errands as needed.
  • Can travel with your loved one on trips located in the US. This will include going through the whole travel experience such as luggage claim and check in processes, just to name a few. A caregiver also makes sure to remind your loved one to take their medicine while traveling, make car rental reservations and be available when needed.