In Home Care in West Hollywood

In Home Care In West Hollywood

If you have an elderly relative in West Hollywood who can live independently but you’re worried about things like falls, perhaps it’s time to find a caregiver (a.k.a. professional domestic worker) who can help your elderly loved one continue living at home safely. A Better Way in Home Care can help. We refer both hourly and live-in caregivers who provide in home senior care in West Hollywood.

The caregivers we refer may offer your loved one in Bevery Hills or another Los Angeles area the independence to do any tasks that he or she can do without assistance, and offer help with things that might be dangerous — for example, having a shower. We can refer a caregiver to help with any area of personal hygiene that is needed, such as getting dressed, using the bathroom, brushing teeth or hair and more.

We can help you to get in touch with a caregiver in West Hollywood who will help your elderly loved one with the respect and compassionate care he or she deserves. Plus, the caregiver can take over several responsibilities that you could have been taking care of — allowing you to spend more time on yourself or with your own family. Those daily tasks include things like:

  • Light housekeeping, including laundry, doing the dishes, changing bedsheets, caring for pets and houseplants
  • Cooking and making meal plans
  • Reminders about taking medications and adhering to what the doctor said
  • Personal care activities like applying lotion
  • Exercising and walking
  • Assistance with incontinence issues

If the risk of falling is a big concern, an attentive caregiver might be the answer. Your senior relative will enjoy the care and familiar setting of their own home, better everyday conditions and continued independence while you have more time for yourself. ABW helps match your family with just the right caregiver to make that happen.

We don’t employ the professionals that we match with families in West Hollywood, but we have been successfully referring caregivers to the families who need their services since 1998. Our screening process ensures we work with the best professionals in the industry. Read our Testimonials to see the impact that the kind and helpful caregivers we work with have had on the personal stories of many senior citizens and their families!

To find out more about high-quality and reasonably priced in-home care in West Hollywood, call A Better Way in Home Care – we would be delighted to discuss what you precisely need.

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