About Us

Our Mission

The Mission of “A Better Way” is simply this – to introduce the best possible in-home caregiver we can find for our clients, to serve them and their families with compassion, dignity and respect as we work toward bringing them back to health or as we guide and support them through the most difficult time of their life.

Our mission is to build a foundation of support for our clients comprised of family, the caregiver you choose, and our staff members. We will all work together to maintain the client’s quality of life, every single day. It is our goal to keep our clients empowered in every way possible through our network of home care providers in Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and other locations.

Our Objective

Our team is dedicated to finding the perfect match of client and caregiver. Our reputation and success are built upon trust. We become familiar with the client’s needs and personality so they will feel at ease with their new family member.

At A Better Way In-Home Inc., we understand how difficult it may be to bring a stranger into your home. We help take the worry out of that decision for you. Potential caregivers must pass a rigorous reference check and interview process, as well as security checks, before they can be considered worthy of being available for an interview with you. Each and every potential caregiver is hand selected by our owner.

Proof of our ability to accomplish this is the fact that 95% of our business is referrals from satisfied clients who have been happy with our home care services and dedication to these principles.

A Better Way In Home Care’s Commitment To You:

Our philosophy is one of dedicated commitment to helping you choose the very best in-home care, focusing on the right match of client and caregiver.

• To provide potential caregivers for your consideration, who truly care from the heart and have a passion for their work

• To love, nurture and care for our clients and their families

• To build a foundation of care and support for each client and a bond of trust with their families

• To be an ear for our clients and their families

• To protect our clients from any potentially abusive situation

• To educate clients and families to the realities of this industry and keep them from becoming victims

• To take the fear factor out of in-home care

• To empower our clients and help develop their positive abilities

• To surround myself with caregivers and staff who care about people and love this business as I do.

We promise to work together – family, caregivers, and staff – to provide care,
hope, and comfort to our clients in a loving, safe and respectful environment.

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