caregivingA Better Way In Home Care refers Los Angeles caregivers that know how to make your loved one’s life much better by providing the best personal care and hygiene available. Your loved one will be able to bathe, shower, groom themselves, dress, use the bathroom, have help with incontinence and have transportation. These caregivers can let your loved one handle these things completely by themselves, or provide total assistance. The level of involvement can be determined beforehand or during the course of time.

It is vital your elderly loved one is not treated as a child, despite the needs they have. The caregivers we select treat the clients with respect and consideration, bearing in mind that many clients find the loss of independence to be very unsettling. Therefore, they assist them to a degree that is necessary and not to excess, which we feel is significant in the elderly regaining the sense of self-worth and self-sufficiency. You loved one deserves to be treated with appreciation and admiration for their life-experience, so the caregivers are not condescending, but considerate and thoughtful.

A significant part of our mission rests upon finding the right match for every client, and we make it a priority that the client feels safe and comfortable with the caregiver, and gradually gets used to being looked after in a very personal and intimate way. Many find this to be embarrassing, but the caregivers are aware of that and therefore try to act more like a family member than a member of the nursing staff. This kind of straightforward, yet respectful, treatment is vital to establishing a positive rapport with the client. The goal to be achieved is making your elderly loved one safe and comfortable in their home, where all their needs can be addressed by a trained professional. Besides being loving and caring, the caregiver must tend to the client’s physical needs with precision and skill.

The following are all of the services that the caregivers provide:

  • Help bathe your loved one.
  • Assist with various bathroom necessities such as urgent bathroom calls and accidents.
  • Help with routine personal hygiene. This will consist of things such as teeth brushing, putting on lotion and taking care of hair and skin.
  • Help with dressing and grooming your loved one.
  • Help your loved one to walk and exercise.
  • Tend to your loved one’s above mentioned needs in case of hospitalization, trying to make them feel at home.