In Home Care In Westwood

In Home Care In Westwood

Partial or total dependence on others is one of the most unpleasant things about old age. If you have an elderly loved one who lives in Westwood or Beverly Hills and needs daily help with routine tasks, it can be quite difficult to manage it yourself on top of all the other commitments in your life. Professional in home care in Westwood can make things much easier for you and your senior loved one.

A caregiver (a.k.a. professional domestic worker) can help your relative function better on an everyday basis, providing help with personal care and hygiene, housework and cooking and visiting the doctor. However, ensuring that your elderly loved one goes as smoothly as possible through the everyday routine is not all there is to well-being and we know that. The caretakers that we refer to families in Westwood can also provide companionship – they can play games and cards with your relative or take them out for a meal in their favorite restaurant.

If your relative is quite independent, but you feel that it is not fully safe for them to be on their own, because they might fall, a caregiver can relieve you of your worries. The professional can make sure to keep the staircase and the main traffic routes clear of objects that could cause a fall and they can also help your relative get safely in and out of the shower.

What is also important is that having having professional in home care in Westwood referred by A Better Way can mean that a competent person will oversee the diet of your relative and their medication regimen. The elderly are known to have poor nutrition and to be prone to skipping their meds. This can be due to their physical condition which makes them forgetful, but it could also be because they are despondent and low in spirits. Either way, when someone is ensuring they eat healthy and regularly and that they take their medications according to the doctor’s instructions, their quality of life can improve dramatically.

Here is an overview of services that your elderly relative in Westwood can benefit from:

If you are not sure what kind of difference a qualified and warm caregiver could bring to your life, you can read about the experiences of our clients in the Testimonials section. You can also have a look at our reviews on Angie’s List and Yelp where we have top ratings.

A Better Way In Home Care provides only referral services for in home care in greater Los Angeles. The caretakers we work with are sole contractors, but we screen them thoroughly.

Feel free to call us today to talk to us about your family’s specific circumstances and what you and your elderly loved one need exactly. We would be happy to see how we can be of help.

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