What does “A Better Way” do?

We are an in-home care referral service that works to introduce you to potential caregivers by focusing on the right match of caregiver and client.

How long has your company been in business?

Since 1998.

How do you place a caregiver into my home?

Only you will place a caregiver in your own home. Through an extensive interview process, we get to know the family and the client, and what the client medically and physically requires the caregiver to do. We carefully address your concerns and help you to determine your specific needs. A PROFESSIONAL evaluation will then match our best-qualified care provider to your specific physical and personal care requirements. A representative from our office will contact you to talk about the caregiver we have selected and set up an interview.

What if I don’t like the person “A Better Way” sends to us?

All we ask is that you be truthful with us so we may arrange another potential interview with someone who may be a better fit. We will never, ever try to talk you into hiring someone you do not like. If you are unhappy with a potential interviewee or someone you have hired, call us immediately and we will find another potential match to replace that person.

How much time do you need to provide us with a caregiver?

Within the same day we will provide you with a caregiver that matches your needs.

Do the caregivers you refer speak English?

Yes, they all speak English and have excellent communication skills.

What services do the caregivers provide?

They are flexible and will provide you with a variety of services depending on your needs. Please call us for detailed information.

How long do caregivers work?

This varies depending on the individual caregiver and their client’s needs. Most caregivers live out of the client’s home and work daily shifts, from 4 to 12 hours, on an hourly basis. Most caregivers drive. Some caregivers provide 24 hour, live in care, for up to 5 days per week, with the ability to sleep in a separate area, and a secondary person is brought in for the other 2 days of the week under the same conditions.

If my family member were taken to the hospital, would the caregiver go and be with them?

Absolutely. The caregiver looks after their every need, just as if they were at home. They make sure the client is comfortable, has the proper medications and feels at ease in the environment, as being in a facility can feel very lonely and disconcerting.

How do I pay for services?

A Better Way In Home Care, Inc. will direct bill you for your caregiver’s hours and our fee on a weekly basis. We accept personal checks, cashiers checks, money orders, and Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards.

What is the cost?

Due to the wide variety of client needs, costs vary. Rates may be hourly or daily. Please call our office and speak to one of our staff members for a consultation at no charge.

Do you have references?

We are very pleased to say we do. Please click to the next page to see testimonials and references for A Better Way In Home Care, Inc.