companionshipIf you want to find a good companion in Los Angeles and other locations, A Better Way In Home Care can pair your loved one up with a friendly companion who loves to socialize. It does not matter if they are putting a puzzle together, reading, taking a walk or going to upscale restaurants. The caregivers in locations covered by A Better Way In Home Care have plenty of experience in providing companionship for people such as your family member or yourself.

We pride ourselves on being able to find exactly the right match of caregivers and clients, so that clients feel comfortable and relaxed around their caregivers and start seeing them as a family member. If your loved one is a lively and active person who likes visiting friends, spending time outdoors, going to art galleries, but feels reluctant to do so because of physical difficulties, a companion is just what they need to give them the required push and make them more confident.

The level of a caregiver’s involvement in a client’s everyday activities, including maintenance of personal hygiene, can be decided on beforehand and set out by the client or their family. The caregiver’s job is to assist in a respectful way, not to patronize, to discreetly offer help when necessary or asked for.

The following are just a few services that the caregivers can provide:

  • Can socialize and be a friendly companion.
  • Can take walks with your loved one.
  • Can help to maintain mental alertness by playing puzzles, cards and games with your loved one.
  • Can take your loved one on various neighborhood outings.
  • Can create a scrapbook with your loved one and reminisce.
  • Can transport your loved one to his favored dining establishment.
  • Can help your loved one with pet care and walking the pet.
  • Can read to or with your elderly loved one.

A friendly companion is maybe just what your elderly one needs to see the joy of life again, to be treated as person with interests and abilities, and not a sickly person unable of taking care of themselves. What is more, we firmly believe that it is never too late to learn new things and develop new skills, and to live life as fully as possible. We know that it is possible to have fun and enjoy yourself to a reasonable extent at absolutely any age.