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Here Are 5 Leading Health Concerns for the Elderly

Senior Woman and a Doctor - Home Care Agencies in Beverly HillsTaking care of your health is important, no matter how old you are. However, as we age the risks we face increase, and a more proactive approach may be necessary. Seniors are faced with many health issues young people usually don’t have to worry about, and it is important to help them address and diagnose these issues in advance. Discovering a disease at an early stage could make all the difference when it comes to recovery.

The caregivers working with A Better Way in Home Care, the leader among home care agencies in Beverly Hills, know how to recognize the early stages of diseases most commonly affecting the elderly due to their vast experience. They also know how to comfort seniors and encourage them to seek professional help. They helped us comply a list of five health concerns commonly associated with seniors.

Mental Health Issues

The three most common mental health concerns that affect the elderly are depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. However, we’ve already explained that diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia are not a part of the aging process, contrary to popular belief. That is why it is extremely important to report any symptoms such as memory loss or disorientation to a medical expert, and not dismiss it as something natural.

Another common issue the elderly struggle with is depression. The fact that they are losing most of their friends to old age and diseases, as well as the alienation from their family, can result in depression. There are several ways to fight depression, including teaching seniors to communicate using new technologies or hiring a caregiver to keep your senior loved ones’ company and cater to their needs.


The risk of becoming obese increases with age, as our metabolism slows down and we neglect regular exercise. Being overweight can increase the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and other diseases. If your senior loved one is struggling with weight issues, encourage them to exercise regularly as well as modify their diet. Their caregiver can help motivate them to exercise on a regular basis, even if it means a walk around the neighborhood once a day.


Recent studies have shown that 25.9% of those over 65 are struggling with diabetes. What makes this disease particularly dangerous is that it is very difficult to diagnose at its early stages due to the lack of symptoms. Regardless, diabetes can cause a myriad of other health issues, including loss of vision and hearing, higher risks of stroke and heart disease and more. One way to diagnose the disease at an early stage is to schedule routine blood work. Once the symptoms set in, it might be too late to find an effective solution. The symptoms commonly associated with diabetes include weight loss, sleepiness, depression, difficulty healing and others.

Heart Disease

Did you know that high blood pressure affects around 90% of the senior population? The risk of heart disease also increases with age. However, it could seriously harm your senior loved ones’ health since the disease can strain the heart and arteries. This, in turn, leads to an increased risk of a stroke or a heart attack. To prevent this, make sure caregivers take your senior family members’ blood pressure regularly.


Age also increases the risk of contracting different types of cancer. While some types can be diagnosed easily, others develop slowly and manifest only when diagnosing them might be too late. Make sure you encourage the elderly to take regular screenings and tests. This can help increase your senior loved ones’ chances of successful treatment and eliminate the danger early on.

How Can Home Care Agencies in Beverly Hills Help?

A professional caregiver knows that their main duty is keeping seniors safe. Professional caregivers can help seniors by encouraging a healthier, more dynamic lifestyle and monitoring their health on a regular basis. A Better Way in Home Care is a reliable referral agency offering home care in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Brentwood, Pasadena and other locations. Contact us at 323.518.2676 for any questions regarding our caregiver referral program.