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Can Aromatherapy Help Patients Deal with Alzheimer’s?

Aromatherapy - Homecare HollywoodLooking up alternative Alzheimer’s treatments on the internet delivers a lot of interesting results. These alternative treatments include everything from music therapy to art sessions and many other fun activities that have been proven to help seniors dealing with Alzheimer’s by many studies.

But one thing that you probably never even considered to be helpful can show tremendous results in helping your seniors overcome dementia and Alzheimer’s, as recent studies have shown. We are talking about aromatherapy, and other similar alternative therapies that have been proven to deliver positive effects and surprising results.

We asked our homecare Hollywood experts to guide us through how aromatherapy can help seniors with these conditions.


How to Inspire Senior Loved Ones to Start Exercising

Senior Taking a Walk - Senior Care Services in Los AngelesIn our previous blogs, we talked about your senior loved ones’ health. And while we are quick to give advice such as modify your diet or exercise more with the best intentions, how many of us actually follow the same advice? When was the last time you exercised? What did you have for lunch?

However, working for a respectable company that offers senior care referral services in Los Angeles, we have seen firsthand how slightly adjusting the diet and introducing an exercise routine can improve the lives of most seniors. Something as simple as a stroll around the park can help the elderly battle various health issues and make them feel better about themselves.


Senior Care in Los Angeles: Dietary Changes towards a Better Life

Healthy Food - Senior Care in Los AngelesAny health expert will tell you that there are two steps to living a better life: exercise and a healthy diet. This becomes especially important as we grow older and rings especially true for senior citizens. Exercise and eating well in particular are crucial as they do not only improve our life but prevent the development of various conditions.

Sadly, many senior citizens simply do not have the means or the patience to do what it takes to ensure they are eating well. An improper diet can lead to the development of various conditions such as weight loss, which in turn paves the way for more serious illnesses like weakened bones and muscles, diabetes and various heart conditions.


Living Longer and Healthier

Living Longer and Healthier

For the last twenty years, people are living longer and are remaining healthier during the last years of their lives. Past research discovered that people usually have poor health during the last few years of their life, however, due to advancements in medicine and nutrition knowledge, people can now remain healthier into their later years.  Working in the senior care Los Angeles arena for more than fifteen years we have learned some valuable insights. Here are some suggestions how to feel great and be healthier long into your latter years:

  1. Diet. Ward off fatigue in the afternoon.  Many adults have problems with fatigue during the afternoon hours.  In order to avoid this, drink water and eat foods such as prunes that are filled with antioxidants.  These types of foods can energize the body and jumpstart your brain.
  2. Exercise Your Brain. Do exercises from the neck up.  Finding ways to exercise the brain is very important for elderly adults.  This does wonders for keeping memory loss conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia at a distance.  Consider doing things like word game puzzles and memory exercises.  For instance, walk around the neighborhood and look for seven blue items during your walk.  Once you get home, try to remember where they were located.
  3. Share meals.  You will eat less if you dine with a partner.  This is an excellent weight loss strategy.  In addition, it keeps you social.  This is simple for the person who lives in an elderly community setting.  It would be wise for elderly adults who live alone to have more meals with their friends and family.
  4. Experience the Unusual. Do something out of the ordinary. You tend to get brain tired when doing the same things over and over again. Change your eating habits and try something new.  For instance, try eating fresh peaches instead of canned ones.  Also, switch up your route when going to the grocery store.
  5. Reduce salt. High blood pressure can decrease your cognitive function and lead to strokes.  This is a condition that gets worse as you age.  As you get older your sense of taste seems to change also. This makes you want to eat more salt as a result.  Cut back on your salt and take up more exercises like dancing.  Doing these things will help increase your cognitive function and help with your blood pressure as well.
  6. Exercises.  Start doing exercises that make you stronger and flexible.  Add a few balance exercises to your lifestyle.  Try doing things such as yoga, water exercises and anything that can increase your center of gravity.

There’s nothing better than being healthy in your senior years.  For more information about healthy senior living contact our Los Angeles caregiving agency at: (323) 650-2211.