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How to Care For Difficult Seniors

Mother and Daughter Arguing - Home Caregiver Services Los AngelesCaring for senior citizens is no easy task. But if your senior loved one does not want to be taken care of, things tend to get even more complicated. As their cognitive functions fail, some seniors develop a particularly difficult personality. They tend to deny they need help even when they clearly do. Combined with other medical problems this could prove to be a huge issue.

In this article, the experts at A Better Way in Home Care, premier home caregiver services in Los Angeles, explain what makes some seniors so resistant to caregiving and what you can do to make sure that attitude does not end up harming them.

Why Are Some Seniors Difficult to Care For?

Most often, seniors who need professional care have to deal with a loss, usually the loss of their spouse. Other times, seniors are struggling with mental health issues that result in poor judgment or make communication difficult. Finally, accepting the fact that somebody needs to care for them can be particularly hard on others.

Some seniors believe that by accepting the fact that they need someone to take care of them they are giving up their way of life and privacy. In these cases, they are eager to fight for whatever independence they have left. Other times, seniors are just being stubborn for no particular or apparent reason.

How You Can Help Them Anyway

If your senior loved ones are resisting home care, even talking about it might be difficult. However, if they are ill and in obvious need of caregiving, you shouldn’t postpone that talk any longer. There are several factors to consider when planning when and how to have this conversation.

When is the Right Time?

If your seniors loved one’s health is rapidly deteriorating, make sure that you have the caregiver talk as soon as possible. However, don’t press seniors either, as it could have the opposite effect. Instead, choose a time when both of you are relaxed and free of other obligations. This will make communication a lot easier and productive.

If your senior loved one feels relaxed during a walk out in the park, over a dinner or at home, then that’s when you should plan that talk.

Ask Them What They Want

It is very important not to assume seniors don’t have any preferences regarding home care. You should make them tell you what these preferences are before you plan anything.

If your senior loved one has trouble understanding you, take as much time as you need to explain everything they should know about the arrangement you had in mind. If your senior loved one does not talk too much, encourage them to share all the details by asking them questions about their preferences.

Do not assume your senior loved one would be fine with moving to a nursing home. They might prefer aging in their own home with the help of a caregiver instead.

There’s no way to know this unless you ask!

Ask For Help Yourself

When seniors get particularly difficult and resistant to the idea, it might be a good time to call in for backup. Ask a family member or a professional caregiver to step in and back you up. Family members may help persuade seniors that they are in need of caregiving. On the other hand, a professional caregiver can reassure them that this decision could only change their life for the better and explain how it works.

It may help if caregivers are dressed casually instead of wearing a uniform. Uniforms tend to have a negative effect on seniors, as they associate them with hospitals and nurses. This might create a rift between the caregiver and your senior loved one right from the start.

A good caregiver should strive to create a friendly rather than an authoritative relationship. A senior should perceive the caregiver as a close friend or a family member here to help them, rather than someone who wants to take their liberties away.

Do Not Back Down

If your senior loved one proves to be particularly difficult to persuade, don’t give up. Instead, try to continue the chat when they feel more receptive. Suggest hiring a caregiver for a few weeks so they get the chance to see it’s nothing to be upset about and see the benefits of professional assistance first hand.

Do Not Push It Too Far

However, some seniors are simply too difficult to persuade and the more you try the more stubborn they get. If you cannot persuade them it’s for their own good, you might have to resort to alternative methods like visiting them more often or getting a neighbor to visit and covertly tend to their needs.

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