Advantages of Using a Referral Agency

When it comes to home care services, many people are reluctant to turn to professional referral agencies. They fear the agencies might not fully act on their behalf and they would rather contact caregivers themselves. However understandable the fear may be, it is more dangerous to go out on your own and look for caregivers, some of whom falsify their qualifications and references. Before you decide a course of action, consider some of the advantages of using a referral agency, to ensure your elderly loved one receives the best-possible home care.

Cost Effective – Referral caregivers’ fees are typically lower than employee caregivers’, in part due to ABW not incurring the cost of worker’s compensation for the caregivers that we refer. As Independent Contractors, the caregivers may carry their own insurance policies but we have found that the referred caregivers may qualify under your homeowner’s insurance policy coverage.

Happy Caregivers – The caregivers we refer set their own rate, which means they are happy going to work! They are charging what they want, making the work environment (your home) a more pleasant place to be. In order for employment agencies to keep their companies competitive, they oftentimes pay their caregivers not much more than minimum wage. It is important to ask how much of the hourly/daily fee actually goes to the caregiver. We are very upfront with what the caregiver charges and what our referral fees are.

Less Caregiver Turnover – Since the caregivers are setting their own rates and are therefore enthusiastic about going to work, you have less of a turnover in caregivers. We have found that when the caregivers are charging what they want, they are less inclined to be looking for other work in order to make more money. There is nothing worse than losing someone you like because they found a better paying job elsewhere. The caregivers we refer share our passion for this business and understand the importance of forming a bond between a client and a caregiver.

Flexibility/Management – The family and the caregiver determine what task need to be done instead of having the employment agency mandating what tasks are performed. You are in control of your care. The range of services is vast and diverse, and they can be fully adapted to any client’s specific needs and requirements.

Locations – ABW offers service in a number of different locations, so the chances we can refer you to a caregiver who lives nearby are very high.

Caregivers Pay Their Own Taxes – We have a signed contract on file for each caregiver, stating that they agree and are willing to accept responsibility for their own Taxes and Social Security payments. ABW will report any payments made to the caregiver referred to you on a Form 1099.

Caregivers’ References and Qualifications Checks – To ensure the service they provide is top-notch and their clients are satisfied, referral agencies make sure to run stringent checks of caregivers’ past records, qualifications and references. At ABW, each caregiver undergoes a series of interviews, and only after they have passed the final interview and are approved by our owner are they to be referred to our clients. Your safety and well-being is our priority.