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Fun Activities for Seniors and Their Caregivers

Home Care in West Hollywood_Senior Doing a PuzzleEvery home care expert knows that senior citizens need to keep their bodies and minds working, and the older they get the more important this is. As seniors are prone to feelings of loneliness and depression, coming up with entertaining and challenging activities can make all the difference in their lives. Professionals offering home care in West Hollywood know that in order to keep the elderly happy you need to keep them entertained and engaged. Coming up with fun, yet age-appropriate activities varies from senior to senior, and good caregivers know just how to keep the elderly well-entertained while working on nurturing mental functions like logic to creativity. Here are some of the most popular and fun activities every senior citizen can enjoy!

Board Games and Puzzles

Caregivers can engage senior citizens with fun, yet easy to master board games that will provide the much needed mental exercise. If board games are not their cup of tea, caregivers can also suggest illustrative puzzles. Puzzles are also a great way to keep senior citizens entertained while working on their cognition and motor skills.


There’s a strong chance seniors at home haven’t cooked in a while, as this can prove both difficult and potentially dangerous. However, with the help of a professional caregiver seniors can engage in preparing their favorite recipes grandchildren always loved them for. Going through old recipes will help rekindle their memory, as they encounter and prepare familiar meals. Some senior citizens might not be able to handle the more complex steps, but having them participate by measuring and stirring the ingredients can help them feel good about themselves again.

Arts and Crafts

Just like board games, various crafts and hobbies will keep senior citizens engaged while boosting their creativity and motor skills. Depending on the senior’s condition, these hobbies can range from knitting to gardening and art. They might enjoy knitting a scarf or designing greeting cards. Not only will they have fun during these activities, they will have lots of nice presents for the upcoming holiday season.

Taking a Walk

Being indoors all the time can make seniors feel depressed, isolated and imprisoned. That is why it is important for them to catch a breath of fresh air, with professional supervision of course. Seniors will vastly benefit from walking the streets of West Hollywood again, enjoying the weather and the view.

Having a Friend Over

All of these activities can be twice as fun in good company, which is why it is a great idea to have them invite a friend or a relative over once in a while. Being confined to their home can impact their relationships, which is why it is important to rekindle old friendships. Encourage seniors to get in touch with their friends and schedule fun friend dates. They can meet at their respective homes or enjoy some fresh air in a park or public area easily accessible to both.

Referring Professional Home Care in West Hollywood

A Better Way in Home Care is a professional caregiver referral service serving Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and other areas. We aim to create a perfect senior/caregiver match. Caregivers we refer are professionals that go through thorough background checks and evaluations. Contact us online or at 323.650.2211 for any questions regarding our home care referral system.