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Your Senior Loved Ones Are Living Alone? Consider This Helpful Advice!

Elderly Woman on the Phone - In Home Care in WestwoodMost seniors are not comfortable with the idea of leaving their home, and want to keep it theirs for as long as possible. Whether they don’t want to give up their neighborhood or their comfort, the majority of seniors over 75 choose to stay in their homes rather than opting for a caregiving facility. However, this can prove stressful for long-distance caregivers who cannot take care of their loved seniors on a daily basis for one reason or the other. Furthermore, living alone can cause depression in most seniors due to being isolated from the rest of the world. The risk is even greater for those suffering from memory-impairing conditions, as even the simplest daily routines can cause tremendous damage.

Even if your senior loved one insists they can take care of themselves, a few precautions will go a long way in providing you with the peace of mind and ensuring their safety. One good way to ensure they are taken good care of is to find a reliable provider for in home care in Westwood and make sure your loved ones are taken good care of and have someone to rely on. Apart from that, here are a few other ways to ensure that they are safe and well on their own.

An Apple a Day…

Believe it or not, the best way to make sure your senior loved ones are safe is to ensure they are living a healthy lifestyle. This is the best way to prevent any health risks that come with old age. If your loved ones are on a healthy diet, exercise regularly (even a walk around the neighborhood will do), and are getting plenty of sleep, they will be well on their own for years to come.

Tweak the Potential Hazards

Be sure to attend to anything that could lead to an accident, such as loose handrails or slippery stairs. Falling is one of the leading causes of injuries for senior citizens, which is why you need to make sure that the floors aren’t slippery or that any loose stairs are dealt with. Making sure your loved ones don’t hurt themselves when they are alone is crucial if they insist on living alone.

Keep in Touch

Seniors who choose to live by themselves should have friends and family members check in on them regularly. Doing this will make sure that they have everything they need and that their basic needs are met. This will also help them with feeling isolated and alone, which can lead to depression. You can even help them make some senior friends in the neighborhood, so that they can enjoy shared interests and each other’s company.

Provide Backup Goods

If your senior loved ones live in an area that is known to suffer from power outages or severe weather hazards, make sure they have plenty of supplies like flashlights, candles or blankets. Things like canned food or bottled water stored away for use in these situations will help you worry less about how they cope with events such as severe weather. Hopefully they will never have to use them, but not having to worry about your loved ones in such an event is priceless.

Professional in Home Care in Westwood

The best way to make sure your senior loved ones are doing well on their own is to hire a caregiver to be at their side whenever they need help or just a friendly face. If your senior loved one insists on living alone, A Better Way in Home Care will be happy to refer a professional in home caregiver in Westwood. Contact our friendly agents about any questions you may have about our home care referral program.