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Senior Falls: What to Do after an Accident

Old Woman Falling - Los Angeles home caregiver servicesThere are only a few things scarier for a caregiver than their senior loved one falling. The consequences of this accident can be terrifying both to you and your senior loved one. According to the National Council of Aging, falls are the leading cause of injuries in seniors, fatal and non-fatal ones. Approximately one in four U.S citizens older than 65 experiences a fall every year and every 19 minutes a senior dies as a result of a fall.

We can all agree that these are truly devastating facts. And falling is not exclusively linked to aging. Whether you’re taking care of your senior loved one or employing Los Angeles home caregiver services, all it takes is one moment of carelessness for your senior to fall.

If they are lucky enough to come out of it with only a few bruises, there are some steps you can take after the fall to make sure they properly recover, with no lasting physical or emotional consequences.

Talk to them

Seniors tend to feel deeply ashamed after a fall, especially if this is the first time something like that has happened to them. They might be angry or even fearful of how their family may react to the news. That is why the first thing you need to do is sit down and talk to them, show compassion and let them know that the only thing you care about is their safety.

Show Support

We know how stressful hearing the news might be, but you have to stay strong when talking to your loved one about the fall. If you feel you were responsible as you did not pay attention to them or are starting to experience the caregiver burnout, you can always opt in for professional caregiver services to lend their hand.

Take them to Follow-Up Doctor’s Appointments

If you had to take your senior loved one to a hospital after the fall, immediately set up the follow-up appointment with the same doctor. It’s important to track their progress and monitor their help to prevent something like that from ever happening again. Even if you know that a slippery stairwell caused the fall, you can never be too sure. A doctor might uncover some underlying issues and treat them before they become serious.

Prevent Future Falls

Seniors who have fallen are at an even higher risk of falling again, due to their weakened physical condition or the fear of falling itself. That’s why you have to help them prevent falling again by helping them regain their confidence. Encourage them to engage in some light exercise as soon as they are able to. Just a simple walk around the block will do. It might seem terrifying at first, but seniors will soon feel comfortable on their own two feet again.

Consider Home Additions

If you think falling might be an issue, make sure to include adequate safety additions and make their home senior-friendly. Add safety railings throughout the house along the areas seniors walk through the most. Don’t forget to add safety rails and non-slip flooring in the bathroom.

Consider Employing Los Angeles Home Caregiver Services

Professional caregivers can help give you and your senior loved one peace of mind by helping seniors perform various tasks or taking care of these tasks themselves. A Better Way in Home Care is a caregiver referral service aimed to find the perfect caregiver to match your senior loved one’s needs.