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The Future of Home Care in Santa Monica: Trends to Get Excited About

Home Care in Santa Monica- Modern TechnologyA lot of people might be reluctant when it comes to placing their senior loved ones into a nursing home for various reasons. People are mostly worried about cultural differences, apart from having major financial concerns. Home care in Santa Monica is just one of the increasingly popular alternatives to nursing homes. With the development of latest technologies, home care is evolving as well. These innovations would not only offer your senior loved ones the independence they might feel deprived of, but help ease your mind as well. We’ve listed some of the most exciting technological developments that could make in-home care significantly easier.

Senior Pods

The concept on in-law suites has been around for a while, and senior pods or “granny pods” are the next logical step in the same direction. These are modular homes functioning as individual units which can be placed on the same loft as your home. You could have all the perks of living together, but still retain the sense of privacy both you and your senior loved one are accustomed to. These houses come in a variety of models and sizes, ranging between 300 to 500 square feet. For a price cheaper than remodeling your home, your senior loved ones can enjoy all perks of a regular house, like the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a living area but on a smaller scale, making these compact units easy to maintain. Granny Pods can be equipped with features which could help ease their life, like wheelchair ramps or safety railings. These units are also equipped with cameras as well as padded flooring.

GPS Tracking and Alert Systems

If you lack the logistics or finances for a granny pod, there are other technologies to get excited about. Whether your senior loved one is living near or far from you, there are still growing concerns like health emergencies or accidents. Luckily there’s a solution on the horizon for these as well. Monitoring products that can alert you in case of a medical or any other emergency are constantly being perfected. If you are worried about your loved one’s whereabouts or condition, GPS monitoring may be a great way to ease your concerns. This is a great alternative for home care as it allows independent living by lowering the risk of your loved one not getting help when they need it.

Santa Monica Home Care Referral Service

While we are just as excited about these ground-breaking innovations, at A Better Way in Home Care we believe that the safest hands are still human. That is why we offer referral services for your loved ones, referring experienced caregivers to senior citizens. If you have any questions contact us through our website form or at 323-650-2211.