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Threats to Senior Safety and How to Handle Them

Apart from the common diseases affecting the elderly, another thing that you should be worried about is accidental falls. According to reports from various credible sources, falls are among the leading causes of injuries among the elderly. The sad bit of these stories is that most of these falls have serious repercussions which can have a permanent effect on a senior’s health. They can cause bone fractures, break the skull and can even cause death. The results seem to be more severe among the elderly because they have a weaker bone structure.

To prevent accidental falls, most Beverly Hills residents worried about their senior loved one will think about the safety of the senior’s home. Since many believe that an unsafe environment is the main cause of an accidental falls, they often fail to see other possible causes. Namely, sometimes it’s not the environment but the person that’s the problem.

You can work hard to make the house where your elderly loved one lives safe, but accidental falls may still occur. Before they happen, you need to consider other possible causes. Here are other factors that contribute to accidental falls in seniors.

Lack of strength and stability
People generally tend to get weaker with age. Not only do seniors have weaker muscles but their bones are also weak and may not be able to provide the body with full support. The weakness of the body also affects their flexibility and stability. It is because of this weakness that most of them fall even in a safe environment.

The best way of dealing with this problem is by encouraging your elderly loved one to engage in light exercises. Simple but regular physical exercises can improve the strength of the bones and muscles. You can hire a Beverly Hills senior caregiver to assist the elderly during the training sessions.

Type of medication
Certain medication that seniors take tend to affect their overall stability. Drugs such as anti-depressants and sedatives can affect the brain by making one less attentive. An overdose can also have a negative impact on the stability of an elderly. A reliable in-house caregiver should be available to assist the senior to take the correct dosage. You should also seek for the medical services from qualified medical personnel in Beverly Hills who will prescribe appropriate medication.

Poor vision
One of the most common age-related health problems is impaired vision. Poor vision is often the cause of accidental falls, which can happen even if all the conditions in the house have been optimized for safety. Needless to say, eyesight-related problems can be solved by taking your senior loved one for regular eye check-ups. You can also use bright colors to paint objects in your home.

Chronic health conditions
Long-term health conditions such as heart diseases can affect a person’s stability. For instance, an elderly can be hit by a severe heart attack which can result in a serious fall. The issue of the chronic health condition can primarily be handled by understanding the problem and then researching various treatment and care solutions.
Hire a caregiver to prevent accidental falls
An in-home senior caregiver can be of great help especially in assisting the elderly to move around. At Better Way In Home Care, we refer qualified, reliable and cordial caregivers. Our goal is to ensure that the elderly in Beverly Hills enjoy their golden age.