Proceeds to Charities

Because we know how hard it is for someone who has always been independent to struggle with health problems and mobility issues, A Better Way in Home Care was created for the purpose of helping loved ones live independently while taking some of the stress off of their family members.

An elderly member of the society undergoes a series of changes in their lifestyle. Once healthy and vibrant, most of them are confined to the solitude of their homes or senior care facilities. They have a hard time struggling with everyday tasks, such as bathing and grooming, shopping for and preparing meals, taking medications properly, doing light housework, going to doctor’s appointments, travelling, or even taking a walk in the park. What used to be taken for granted is now out of their grasp. They are lonely, confused, frustrated, depressed, but there is a way to alleviate the pain. After a lifetime of caring for others, it is their turn to be looked after with respect and dignity.

A Better Way In Home Care aims to contribute to our respectable senior citizens’ well-being. We are happy to share our passion with other loving caregivers and assist them in making the world a better and more comfortable place for all of us, especially those in need. Many are unaware of the kindness that can be given even by strangers, provided they are dedicated to the same noble goal. Others are ashamed, afraid or reluctant to ask for help, and that is why it is our task to increase the visibility of all those good people who are there to help selflessly.

Moreover, it is our duty to help through charitable donations and reach out to those whose work helps others. We all have a responsibility to our seniors, our children, our environment. A number of institutions and charities have also struggled to reach out to those in need and they deserve as much assistance as we can provide, so that we can continue to make our world a better place together.

All that concern for others carries over to our charitable donations. Therefore, when you use A Better Way to find the right caregiver to provide home care for your loved one, a part of the proceeds goes to charity. Below, you’ll find the many charities we have contributed to on behalf of our clients and our company over the years.