Road to Recovery: How In-Home Care Helps Seniors to Recover Faster

Seniors are vulnerable to different types of diseases. This can be attributed to their weak immune system or general body weakness. Because of this, most of them make countless trips to hospital so as to get medical attention. Most of the time, the doctor will discharge the senior, recommending home recovery. Though home rehabilitation is always viewed as the best option, it can backfire. The disease can worsen forcing one to go back to hospital for further medical care.

According to statistics from a reputable medical organization, 20% of seniors get readmitted back to the medical facility in less than a month after being discharged. The figure can be much higher than this. There are many possible reasons behind this. One of them is the inability to cope with home conditions. Some of these circumstances include a disorganized home, lack of basic care, huge utility bills, loneliness and hostile treatment among others. The senior’s physical and emotional inability to cope with these factors can exacerbate a particular disease.

Lack of assistance is a major factor that can prolong the recovery period of the senior who has been discharged from a medical facility. While in hospital, the senior was used to the sight of other people such as family members, doctors, and nurses. Medical personnel were available to provide the much needed health care. The sad reality is that these people are not available at home. In most cases, the family members will be too busy with their daily lives, making it hard for them to take care of their loved one. The most viable option that can help a sick elderly individual during such situations is a caregiver who is based in Studio City.

Medical help

With the aid of a good caregiver in Studio City, your loved one will be able to recover and be strong again. The caregiver will give the senior proper medical support.

Older persons who have been discharged from hospitals are prescribed medication they should use while at home. Because of their poor condition or advanced age, they often fail to use the medications as prescribed. They may take an overdose or underdose, hence worsening the condition. Sometimes they even forget to take the medicine altogether.

An in-home caregiver will always be on standby to remind the senior about taking medicine. Apart from just reminding the senior about the prescription. Some seniors may be too weak to take the medicine, while others fear needles. With proper medication, the senior will be able to recover within the stipulated period. The caregiver will also be able to detect signs of improvement or worsening of the disease. With this information, most appropriate steps can be taken.

Emotional assistance

One of the things that can prevent a senior from recovering is emotional instability. Loneliness at home can affect the senior’s mental stability. They might have interacted with different people in the hospital, and this boosted their mental status. A senior can feel rejected or unwanted if they have no one to talk to while at home. The emotional instability can hinder them from recovering. Having a caregiver at home helps eliminate loneliness and boredom that can arise. Apart from getting the much needed medical help, the caregiver will be there to give the senior company and encouragement which in turn boosts their morale.

Household chores

Managing household chores can be challenging, especially when seniors are involved. An average senior does not have the energy to carry out regular tasks like any other person. However, they might be forced to do these chores. If an elderly in Studio City gets overwhelmed with these duties, they can end up living in an unconducive environment where disease-causing germs and bacteria thrive. A responsible in-home caregiver can perform household chores, making the environment clean and safe. When everything at home is in perfect order, the process of recuperation will be undoubtedly faster.