Tips for Caring for an Elderly With Alzheimer’s Disease

The elderly are typically affected by different health conditions, and one of them is Alzheimer’s disease. Affecting the brain, it chips away the memory of the sufferer and reduces their cognitive capacity. It finally renders the person useless. It becomes impossible for the victim to do the simplest tasks at home. According to statistics, the disease is on the top ten list of killer diseases in the United States, sitting at the sixth position. On the whole, symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease start showing when one is around seventy years old. This means that the biggest casualty of the disease are seniors.

Caring for an elderly with dementia requires patience, tolerance, and even special skills. The process is quite demanding, and that is why it is always prudent to seek the services of a caregiver in Pacific Palisades. With these tips, you will never go wrong when giving senior care to a loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease.

Create a safe environment

When it comes to dealing with an elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, safety comes before anything else. The disease tends to affect the way they make judgments. You need to keep the environment safe in case of any misjudgment. Even if accidents do occur, the patient shouldn’t get seriously injured. The first safety precaution that you should take is to prevent the patient from falling. Keep the bathrooms and the stairway safe by installing handrails. These rails can provide the much-needed support whenever the patient is about to fall.

The walking pattern of a patient with AD can be affected. The disease can make one have an irregular walking pattern, and this can put them at a risk of tripping and falling. To prevent the patient from tripping, ensure that the floor is regular and uniform. Remove any barriers such as throw rugs. The stairways and corridors in the house should be well lit so as to ease the movement of the patient.

Electrical appliances pose a significant risk to an elderly with Alzheimer’s disease. The patient could handle the appliances wrongly, leading to an electric shock. If possible, lock the appliances or turn off the main switch. Keep the home safe from fire. All the lighters and anything that can start a fire should be kept out of reach. Make it difficult for the patient to access dangerous chemicals that can cause a fire. Fire extinguishers should be nearby and fire alarms should always be set, just in case of an emergency. Have emergency phone numbers for the fire department in Pacific Palisades which the caregiver can contact in case of anything.

Proper scheduling

Whether you are using an in-home caregiver or not, there is a need for a proper schedule when dealing with an elderly who has Alzheimer’s disease. Each day should have a well-set routine which the patient will understand. A routine will keep the patient calm and eliminate restlessness. Most tasks should be done when the patient is still alert. Critical and more technical tasks such as administering medication should be done during the morning hours. During these hours, the patient’s mind is still fresh and has not been distracted by anything.

Moral support

An elderly who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease requires more than regular senior care. The person needs plenty of moral support. This is because there is a tendency of an AD patient to feel down and frustrated. Such patients tend to think that they are total failures because they cannot do anything on their own. Depending on other people for help can make them angry with everyone. If not well-handled, the patient can start developing suicidal thoughts. Hire a caregiver who is compassionate and sensitive and one who possibly has experience in handling similar patients.

Be patient and respectful

Providing senior care calls for high levels of patience and respect. The type of treatment that the patient receives can have a direct consequence on the course of the disease. Since the disease affects the brain, the patient may be taking too long to process the information that you give. The caregiver should take potentially unpleasant situations in their stride.

Hiring in-home caregiver in Pacific Palisades would be the best thing to do for your elderly loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. That way, the patient can receive professional care that will contribute to their overall wellbeing.