Home Care Vs. Nursing Home: A Comprehensive Comparison

It is one of the hardest discussions that you can have as a family. Where do you take your aging loved one? The issue is very sensitive and it may take ages before a conclusion is reached. Serious family feuds can arise from this issue, but whether we like it or not, a final decision has to be made. You will decide whether to take your loved one to a nursing home or provide them with assistance so they can age at home.

Before you make the conclusion, you will have to put various factors into consideration, then analyze each factor independently. Here are some of the things that you should look at when comparing in-home care and nursing homes.

Cost of care

Your financial capacity will greatly determine your choice. From an overall perspective, nursing homes are always viewed as costly. This is because the costs at nursing homes cater for many things, including lodging, employees’ support and the amenities that the elderly will use.

This makes in-home care the cheapest option for those who are operating within a particular budget. Another thing that makes in-home care affordable is that it provides room for customizing the service. This can be achieved by instructing the caregiver to avail the services only at specific times. The service may also include basic senior care, not advanced medical care which is costly.

Most nursing homes in Pacific Palisades have fixed fees which one is required to pay. There is rarely room for negotiation. The bright side of this is that they provide a 24/7 senior care service.

The patient’s health condition

The health status of a client can be a determinant factor on the type of senior care that should be given. Is their condition critical or is it mild? Does the patient require special treatment? Is there any special equipment that the patient needs? All these questions need to be answered before deciding on where to take your elderly loved one. In-home care is ideal if the patient does not have any major health complications. This type of care may be the most reliable if the patient is in need of personal care.

Some nursing homes have advanced facilities which can meet specific needs of a patient. An elderly who has been affected by a serious medical condition such as Alzheimer may require 24-hour monitoring, and this is available at a nursing home or through two shifts of caregivers in their home.

The nature and quality of senior care

Though it sounds controversial, it should never be ignored especially if you have an elderly who may be in need of senior care in Pacific Palisades. Both nursing homes and in-home care aim at providing high levels of care to the elderly. However, when it comes to making comparisons, difficult choices have to be made.

In-home care is always personal. A client will be treated in a way that meets their specific needs and desires. There is also a close relationship between the client and the caregiver. This kind of closeness is what makes up high-quality senior care.

With a nursing home, things can be entirely different. One caregiver may be in charge of different patients, making it difficult for one to get personalized services. A nursing home may also be having specific standards which cannot be exceeded, regardless of the type of patient.

Emotional impact

Elderly people tend to be emotional, and this can be even worse if one has a cognitive problem such as dementia or Alzheimer. The choice of a senior care facility should ensure that the patient remains in a stable condition. Nothing should wreck the emotional stability or give the patient stress and depression. One of the mental factors that should be considered when making a comparison is familiarity. An elderly person would always wish to stay in a familiar environment. This makes in-home care the best option that can give a patient proper mental care.

With in-home care, a patient won’t be faced with the problem of adjusting to the new environment or interacting with strangers. However, in-home care may require one to do proper cleaning and maintenance of the environment. With nursing homes, a patient is introduced to changes. Some changes may not go down well with the patient, and this can end up causing mental instability. The patient can experience a hard time trying to adjust to the new environment and meeting new people.

When choosing an ideal senior care for the elderly, these factors should be taken into consideration. Try to determine the impact that each factor would have, then make a final decision on whether to go for a nursing home or in-home senior care in Pacific Palisades.