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Los Angeles Elder Care

Los Angeles Elder Care

Things that Might Indicate that Your Elderly Family Member Might Need Care:

The following things might say that your family member needs help.  Always keep your doctor updated on any physical or psychological changes that you see in your elderly parent.

It’s hard to tell when you might need Elder care Los Angeles and know what type of help to get for them.  So think about these questions first when considering Home care Los Angeles.  Consider the amount of times that each action has taken place.  If you are not around your elderly parent much of the time, you might not know what is really happening.  You might not see certain things happening too often.  On the other hand, if you are around your parent every day, you might not be able to tell what’s really going on since the changes do not seem that noticeable.

  • Have you seen any of the following happening?
  • Eating habits have changed in the last year and there is a loss of weight or appetite.
  • Not keeping up with their personal hygiene.
  • Not keeping their home environment clean anymore.
  • Major behaviour changes such as being quiet, noisy, or irritated.
  • Cutting off relationships with friends and neighbors.
  • They get bruises because of weakness, forgetfulness or abusing of drugs or alcohol.
  • Not having an interest in his normal activities such as bowling night, movies or taking a walk.
  • Forgetting to open mail, read the newspaper or fill prescriptions.
  • Not handling finances any longer.  Bills are piling up or misplacing money.
  • Buying crazy things such as getting two of everything or getting products from television or Internet ads.

These may be signs that your elderly parent needs some care.  If you have any questions or need assistance with your elderly care in Los Angeles for a parent or loved one do not hesitate to call your friends at A Better Way In Home Care.   We are here to help you and can be reached at: (323) 650-2211.