In-Home Care Services For Seniors

It is only natural to get concerned about our elderly parents who are quickly losing their ability to tackle daily tasks. In between the daily hassles of going to work and raising your family, squeezing in time to take care of mom or dad may pose a challenge.

While taking them to a nursing home or an assisted living community may seem like a good idea, it may not be the best. Most often, the elderly prefer to enjoy the rest of their lives in the comfort of their home.

A Better Way In Home Care provides in-home care services to residents of West Los Angeles and the greater area of LA. Our aim is to see that your senior parents live a happy, comfortable and independent life.

To stay at home or not

There are many senior care options to choose from for your elderly relative. While their physical and mental conditions are the primary determinants of the kind of senior care they need, here are some factors that can help you decide whether staying at home is best.

  • Location and accessibility- Is their home easily accessible? How safe is the home? If they need to go shopping or to medical appointments, how long does that take?
  • Support available- How close by are your family and friends? Are they involved? Are your family members able to provide you with all the senior care your relative needs? While many senior adults may prefer to rely on family for support, it may be difficult for family members to juggle their life and help you with taking care of your relative.
  • Finances- By making a budget of your anticipated expenses, you can quickly evaluate your situation. Arrangements like assisted living or nursing home can be expensive compared to in-home care services.

Making the stay comfortable

As the circumstances change, you and your elderly loved one have to make adjustments as well. While once they could do everything by themselves, now they have to rely on other people. The overall financial situation, your and their general health, and current support will determine what all of you need.

Non-medical in-home care

Our agency can connect you with some of the best caregivers in West Los Angeles to help you with the various aspects of daily life that may seem challenging to you. Has it become difficult keeping up with household chores in your relative’s home – for example, gardening, laundry, shopping, and housekeeping?

You may also need someone to drive your relative around for appointments and social visits. An in-home caregiver can also help with personal care such as eating, bathing, and dressing. A senior care aide can also assist with offering medication reminders and taking the blood pressure.

Home modifications

Your home can also be modified a little to accommodate you more if your relative’s mobility is challenged. To make it more comfortable, you can install grab bars in the bathroom, make a new bathroom downstairs, modify the toilet and bathroom for wheelchair accessibility, and install ramps and a stair lift, among other modifications.


Occupational therapists, social workers, certified nursing aides and other health practitioners can provide in-home care services. Your health service or insurance should be able to inform you about which kind of coverage is available. However, you may still have to meet some of these medical senior care costs out of pocket.

Choosing a senior care provider

With so many in-home care agencies in West Los Angeles, the task of choosing a senior care provider can be daunting. Concern for the senior’s health, open communication, and selecting a person that matches the patient’s personality, interests or history is paramount.

Below are some of the desirable traits of a senior care provider:

  • Trust- Ensure that you scrutinize the candidates thoroughly before you invite the caregiver into your home. This will give you confidence in your decision, and you will know that you have partnered with a trustworthy care provider.
  • Knowledge & skill- Ensure that the caregiver you invite into your home has the right qualifications.
  • Loving & kindness- While this may seem like a cliché, it is in fact reality. The caregiver you invite into your home must provide comfort for the patient and their family as well. Love and kindness are qualities that are innate to most people in the caregiving industry.

In-home care services are a viable solution for the aging population, providing an affordable access to senior care services while seniors can enjoy independence and the comfort of home.