In-Home Care Vs. Assisted Living

As the American population continues to age, the senior citizens become less independent by the day. Consequently, a need for an assisted living facility or in-home care arises. Do you have a senior parent who has begun losing their capacity to be independent? Are they able to complete tasks such as personal care, basic chores, running their errands or driving around?

If your answer to the questions above is no, then you must be wondering what it is you can do. While there are many senior care options to choose from in Venice alone, let’s make a comparison between in-home care and assisted living.

In-home care

In-home care is one of the most requested senior care services in the United States. Many senior citizens who have lost the ability to depend on themselves for daily tasks express a huge desire to remain at home.

In-home care agencies provide a range of personal care, companionship and supervision services. A professional in-home care agency can provide access to ongoing personalized non-medical assistance and care that the senior’s family would have difficulty providing.

Many people choosing to live independently without being institutionalized or being a burden to their families make use of in-home care services as their cognitive and physical abilities diminish.

Assisted living

While most seniors may prefer to age in the comfort of their homes, sometimes it is not an option. Assisted living communities are long-term senior care facilities that render personal care assistance services such as medication management, bathing, housekeeping, laundry, dressing, transportation, and meals.

Senior adults live together in shared or separate rooms and assume a community lifestyle. They can take part in social circles, community activities and develop a routine. Assisted living facilities are geared towards helping senior adults stay active, safe and mobile.

As a senior care option, assisted living communities can be beneficial. However, seniors in ALF may experience emotional distress as a result of leaving their family and home. There is also less autonomy and privacy when one lives in an assisted living community. Additionally, assisted living facilities are not cheap and if your loved one ends up needing more care, the cost associated with staying at the facility will go up.  Or, the facility may no longer be able to accommodate your loved one’s medical needs, forcing your loved to be moved to a nursing facility, which can also be quite expensive.

The cost of in home care vs. assisted living

Everybody looking for a senior care option in Venice wants to know one thing: how does the cost of assisted living compare against the cost of in-home care? There is no easy way to answer this question since both senior care expenses are wholly or mostly covered out of pocket. Besides, every family has different priorities and needs.

For in-home care, you will need to pay rent or mortgage, maintenance, utilities, meals, and the caregiver. All these expenses are covered for in assisted living fees. However, the costs may also be determined by the level of senior care the elderly patient requires and the size of their apartment. Most assisted living communities charge a couple of thousand dollars in administrative fees when your senior parent moves in.

The costs of an assisted living community can change drastically depending on the part of the state the facility is located, whether the facility was recently renovated and the level of senior care your beloved is receiving. Or, as mentioned above, the level of care your senior needs may cause the price to increase dramatically. For in-home care, the cost is determined by the services rendered, the level of your senior’s dependence and the number of hours a caregiver spends on your senior.

Again, neither of the two senior care options accepts payment via Medicare. Some may accept certain private insurance. There are some cases where private insurance may reimburse a family. You may want to investigate veterans’ aid and long-term care insurance as they can help cover the costs. It is worth noting that most people who pay for these two senior care options do it out of pocket.

What is best for your senior?

This is the moment you have been waiting for. It can be tough to determine the best senior care option for your beloved. You should understand that ALF and in-home care are not competitors, in fact, they are complimentary services trying to provide the best senior care services for your beloved.

There may be no best answer to this question. However, if you are looking for a solution that will keep your senior feeling happy, independent and comfortable, in-home care is the way to go.

As a resident of Venice, you are in luck as our company provides in-home care services at affordable rates. You can select an assortment of all the services that you feel your senior needs. Do not hesitate to call us and you can enjoy a peace of mind knowing that your beloved is in capable hands.