5 Ways to Save Money on In-Home Care for Seniors

The cost of living in Venice, Los Angeles is high. This cost can be doubled or even tripled if you are having an elderly to take care of. Caring for an aging parent can be expensive. Taking the person to a nursing home is quite costly and the only option that seems cheaper is hiring an in-home caregiver. This caregiver will be entirely responsible for providing senior care to the elderly while at home. Even after you have hired a caregiver, you will still need to save on your costs. Use these tips, and you will be able to stay within your budget.

Compare the cost of independent caregivers and one from agency

On the face value, the cost of hiring an independent caregiver is comparatively lower than that of hiring from an agency. The difference could be between 10% and 20%. However, this does not include the cost of doing a background check and searching from one area to another. With an agency, you won’t have to do a background check. It is done by the agency so you will be able to save on time and be sure you got the right person. With an agency, you can get a replacement in case anything goes wrong with your current caregiver. This guarantees continuity of the senior care service.

Research the cost of an in-home caregiver in Venice

The cost of caregivers differs depending on the experience, type of care given and the city. Do some research about the expense of each type of service that is rendered by a caregiver. You pay according to what you receive. Some delicate services such as those that involve medications can be more expensive than those that are less responsible. Getting a caregiver from the local area is comparatively cheaper than hiring one from other cities.

Early interventions

Prevention is always better than cure. Doing things at an early stage will save you from paying for some care services. Monitor the state of mind of your parents, and in case you discover any abnormality, seek immediate medical care. Let the caregiver find your loved one in as good health as possible and this might lower the overall cost of caregiving services. If the caregiver or even the agency sees that your relative is fit, they may lower the amount that you have to pay them since there will be less work involved.

Remote home monitoring

When it comes to in-home care, your presence may regularly be needed. You may be required to check on the progress of the patient or to give more instructions to the caregiver. This job can be difficult if the patient is in Venice and you are in a different city. However, thanks to technology, things can now be done in a simple and effective way. You can now monitor the progress of your patient using internet-based home monitoring system. With this technology, you can watch live videos and images of what is happening at home from the comfort of your office. All that is needed is an internet connection and a few hardware gadgets. No more spending on the road.

Make the home elderly-friendly

Modify the home so that it can be elderly friendly. The home should be safe and easy to move around in. All the rooms should be easily accessible by both the senior and the caregiver. The caregiver should also be able to move the elderly around without much struggle. Well-designed stairs can sort accessibility issue, and if possible, you can replace the stairs with a ramp. The rooms should be well lit, and the whole house should be organized.