Caregiver’s Guide to Stroke Recovery in Seniors

Did you know that strokes are among the leading causes of long-term disabilities? This is one of the many reasons why adults and aging loved ones who have had strokes require in-home care. Fortunately, Toluca Lake has the best in-home senior care staff to help you and your aging loved ones recover after a stroke. But before we get into that, let’s shed some light on what a stroke is and how best to prevent and diagnose it.

What is A Stroke?

A stroke occurs when broken blood vessels or blood clots cut off the proper blood supply to the brain. Strokes cause significant impairment in language, sensory capabilities, cognition and motor skills. All these elements make for a very serious cause of long-term disability.

Currently, in U.S. alone, almost 800,000 people suffer from stroke every year, and the worst part is that one out of four strokes is actually a repeat case. Most doctors will tell you that recovering from a stroke as a senior may take years or decades. The truth is that, while it can be a lengthy process that requires commitment, hard work and dedication, recovering from a stroke is entirely possible. But it all has to start with diagnosis and quick action. Toluca Lake has numerous stroke specialists and in-home caregivers who advise about, diagnose and treat strokes.

If you notice any of these symptoms in your aging loved ones, then chances are that it’s a stroke.

Facial weakness: Basically, this involves a droopy feeling in the facial muscles that can only be described as partial paralysis. This is one of the most common indicators, and it signifies the onset of a stroke.

Arm paralysis: The next thing is partial paralysis in one or both arms. If you suspect that your elderly relative is having trouble getting around, ask them to lift both arms and keep them up. If either one or both arms are having trouble staying up, that might be another sign of a stroke.

Speech Slur: The inability to pronounce words correctly or aphasia is another sure sign of the beginnings of a stroke.

Caregivers and people offering in-home care should be vigilant and keep the seniors active to identify it early. Recognizing a stroke early can be the difference between a lifetime of disability and a full recovery.

Importance of in-home care in stroke recovery

The goal of stroke rehabilitation in Toluca Lake is to return seniors to as high a level of functionality as possible. Due to the severe neurological effects of strokes, seniors are prone to limitations in walking, coordination, bathing, feeding, visiting the toilet and other simple tasks. This is primarily why you need to get the best in-home care for your afflicted loved ones here in Toluca Lake. With more attention and fewer responsibilities, your folks can rest easy and focus on getting better within the confines of their own house.

According to doctors, in-home care and assisted stroke rehabilitation engages your aging loved ones in an array of therapies, all aimed at restoring lost neurological functions right at the comfort of their home. With your relatives being assisted by some of the best Toluca Lakes’ in-home care experts, and with participating in physical, occupational and even speech therapy, their chances of full recovery are greatly increased.

Think of it this way – the earlier your elderly relatives begin engaging in stroke rehab, the higher their odds of getting a full recovery. A lot of seniors take just under six months to recover from stroke thanks to the aid and vigilance of in-home caregivers.

Final word

The importance of getting adequate in-home care for senior stroke patients cannot be overstated. But it’s not just about recovery and rehabilitation – it’s about prevention too. Almost 30 percent of all senior stroke victims experience another stroke within a span of five years alone. But with the best in-home care, your aging loved ones get round-the-clock attention as well as the ideal environment required to prevent any repeats in the future.