Ways To Help Seniors Age Independently At Home

It is not easy to witness the deterioration of the physical and/or cognitive abilities of our aging parent, or another loved one. This applies in particular when you remember the days when they took care of you. The task of providing senior care for your aging relative can be overwhelming both financially and emotionally.

Many people regard independence as one of the things that are crucial for them. From when a child learns how to tie their shoelaces, to the day a teenager passes their driving test, there is a sense of pride that comes with the autonomy.

Likewise, an aging parent, even one in need of senior care, will cling to their independence for the longest time possible. With 80% of seniors requesting in-home care during their golden days, some gentle persuasion and creativity may be needed to extend the independence of your senior parent at their Sherman Oaks home.

Write lists

Regardless of the age, lists can be a valuable resource to help us remember stuff around the house. They can be especially important for seniors who have failing memory. If you often notice a pattern of incomplete or overlooked tasks, write your senior relative a list of objectives to help them keep their house in proper order. The list can include some things that were important to them like watering plants or even recording a TV program.

The list can also include due appointments and locations of some items in the house. Ask them to complete each task on the list before the next visit and show them how to mark out complete tasks. While the list will act as a reminder, it can also help you in keeping track of your senior relative’s abilities.

Supply the needed equipment

There are many household aids out there to help your senior parent become more independent in their house. Learn what your senior parents consider to be their limitations, research the available options and find the best solution to help them get around those restrictions.

Some useful daily living aids that can assist your senior parent to take care of their home include grabbers, door knob grips, remote controls, faucet turning aids, and phones and clocks with large numbers for better visibility.

Check in regularly

Whether or not you have hired an in-home care professional to cater for your parent’s care needs, checking in regularly can help a lot. You should try to visit as often as you can to monitor how the caregiver is taking care of your relative and to make the relative feel less isolated.

If you space the visits too far, you may not be aware of his or her current condition. This can create room for more complications, especially if your relative does not have an in-home care provider.

Consider hired help

As a matter of fact, this may be the best option for your senior parent, particularly if you don’t live together with them. If mom is struggling with light housework and your schedule does not allow you to help her and offer companionship, hiring an in-home care provider may be your best option.

A housekeeper or other senior care provider can help ease the pressure and help your elderly mom retain her independence. A Better Way In Home Care can link you with an in-home care provider to help your aging parent regardless of where they live in Sherman Oaks.

Address their emotional needs

Although dad may still want to demonstrate his ability to manage his life, there is a sincere need for companionship. According to research conducted by the University of California, loneliness increases the chances of death by 45% among senior citizens.

An in-home care provider can be a major source of emotional contact since they will spend time with them, share stories and encouraging words which will consequently boost the senior’s morale.

You should also remember that senior adults have also been accustomed to living productive lives and their day should involve engaging activities and hobbies. You can also arrange with your in-home care provider to find a local community center in Sherman Oaks where he can take dad for senior aerobic classes or take him to daycare once in a while for some engaging activities.

Your decision to seek other senior care options should not be fueled by fear. There are still more ways that you can make life easier for mom or dad and yourself while they enjoy more independence.