Benefits Of In-Home Care For Seniors

Those with elderly parents can attest that the issue of senior care is enough to give you sleepless nights. Your mom or dad who nurtured you until you became independent has now advanced in age and is no longer able to take care of their needs. As much as you would like to return the favor, it may not be possible to provide them with all the care they individually need.

Unless your relative has intensive medical needs, you can help them age gracefully from the comfort of their home. Millions of Americans are choosing in-home care for their senior parents. If you are a resident of Los Angeles, we can link you with a professional caregiver. They will contribute a lot to improving the quality of your senior relative’s life while you enjoy a peace of mind.

Here are some reasons why in-home care for the elderly is a sure bet.


In-home care charges are billed hourly or daily which makes for plenty of flexibility regarding out of pocket expenses. Institutional care, on the other hand, bears a hefty price tag. A recent survey performed by John Hancock Financial reveals that the average annual cost for a nursing home is between $75,555 and $85,775. Compare this to a relative average of $37,440 annually for in-home care.

According to Laura Sands, a researcher from Purdue University, you can spend 1/3 of the amount you could pay to a nursing home for part-time nonmedical in-home care. A professional domestic worker offering their services for eight hours in a day can be more cost-effective than an institution. Additionally, you can also be discounted if you need 24-hour senior care.

Comfort and Independence

The most significant benefit of in-home care is that your beloved can stay in a place that is familiar to them. Familiarity brings about a sense of comfort. Being surrounded by family and friends and other companions such as pets can be beneficial to the aged. Strong family bonds are a primary source of emotional support for the seniors.

Your home is your sanctuary, and this does not change just because you have more candles to blow. Providing senior care at home will also honor the dignity and independence of your elderly relatives and will go a long way to improve the quality of their life. In-home senior care services may include assistance with daily chores, medication reminders and grocery shopping. In-home care offers senior parents more choices and the ability to remain actively involved in the relatives’ lives.

Personalized Care

In-home care is flexible and adapts to the client’s specific needs. Instead of having to adjust to the routines and schedules of a senior care facility, in-home care is customized to meet the family’s needs. Whether your beloved requires a few hours of care during the day or full time, a home plan can be worked out to meet the needs of every client.

The professional that comes to provide senior care to your relative has one purpose only, which is to ensure that your loved one receives 100% of their attention and quality care. We have referred hundreds of professionals throughout Los Angeles with one mission – to refer someone who will provide one-on-one compassionate care.

Promotes Recovery

In-home care gives both you and your senior relative a peace of mind. You don’t have to worry constantly about your mom or dad being alone or having an accident while carrying out their chores. You will be able to enjoy your free time more knowing that they are receiving high quality personalized senior care.

One thing everyone detests is being put away in an institution of senior care. In fact, it is reported that most seniors fear isolation and losing their independence more than death itself. This is only to suggest that having your senior relatives being cared for at home can give them a peace of mind which will translate to a higher quality of life.

That said, in-home care prevents premature decline and eliminates most of the stressors associated with advanced age. A Better Way In Home Care provides numerous referrals for senior care in the entire Los Angeles. Get in touch with us today, and we can discuss how best to assist your senior relative.