3 Things To Consider When Your Loved One Needs Senior Care

As your loved ones advance in age, it becomes harder for them to run their home and handle their personal care. Thousands of Los Angeles residents struggle with how to choose the best senior care service for their aging parents. There is a variety to choose from regarding senior care services including hospice, nursing homes, day programs, assisted living, board and care, and in-home care.

Each of the above options offers a different level of care, and you may feel overwhelmed when making the decision for your aging relative. When making this decision, most families wish that their senior parent can enjoy a long life in an environment that makes them happy. Below are some factors you should consider when looking for the best senior care for your beloved.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

No matter where you are, you will always feel the deepest affection for your home. Many surveys reveal that 90% of senior citizens would like to age in the comfort of their homes. When you think about it, this sentiment makes plenty of sense. The idea of moving to a new locality with a new living arrangement will cause anxiety to anyone regardless of the age. For seniors especially, uprooting them from their homes can be an overwhelming prospect.

For many seniors, their homes are where they raised their children, built lasting friendships and invested most of their time and resources. A valid conclusion from various studies is that your senior can live a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life while receiving senior care from the comfort of their homes. Fortunately, we can provide you with referrals to professional caregivers who can provide in-home care for your senior relative.

Budgeting For In-Home Care

The cost of in-home care is a valid concern for many families in Los Angeles. However, you can decide how many hours in a week your senior should receive in-home care. Many people can cope with the cost of in-home care out of pocket since it is way cheaper than opting for a nursing home.

Seniors living near or with their family members may require part-time in-home care services during the period when everyone is at work. Mornings and evenings, they can be supervised by their family members. Senior adults may also have a friend over for companionship when the rest of the family is away, and a caregiver may come to help with personal care and assist them with taking their meals and medication.

Some senior adults can perform their daily routines individually but may require help with tasks they aren’t strong enough to perform. For such, they may need the help for just a few hours a week.

On the other hand, some senior adults may require in-home care around the clock. Their physical and mental condition is a crucial determinant of how often you should provide them with a professional senior care provider. If they have moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease, or any chronic illness, they will require more hours of care than those who are in better health.

Make The House More Comfortable For In-Home Senior Care

When you settle with your beloved that the best way forward is to have in-home care, it is necessary to make adjustments to the house to ensure that they are comfortable and can move around the house freely.

You can install a stair lift to provide access between second and third floors for your loved ones if they are unable to climb the stairs or tire quickly. Another necessary improvement is to make the bathroom more accessible especially to the seniors who must use a wheelchair.

We provide referrals for professional caregivers in various cities. In Los Angeles alone, we have an extensive base of satisfied clientele. In-home care services allow your senior adults to remain at home and maintain a familiar lifestyle. Make sure you learn more about senior care to ensure that you make an informed decision on behalf of your elderly beloved.