When to Seek In-Home Care Services for Seniors

When day-to-day tasks become daunting to your elderly loved one, it is paramount that you ensure their safety. Consider the risk of having them live alone and find ways to keep them safe, especially when they have health problems. One of the best ways of ensuring that they are totally safe is by hiring them in-home care services in Hollywood.

But how do you get to know it is the appropriate time to seek in-home care services for a Hollywood senior? Here are some signs.


With a busy work schedule, you might find it difficult to make time to spend with your elderly loved ones and cater to their every need. Let’s not forget that you too have a family of your own that needs your attention. Even though it is unintentional, seniors may feel neglected at some point.

If you notice that he/she is seeking your attention, chances are they are feeling lonely. And, apart from squeezing in some little time, it may be a good idea to hire a caregiver for them. The caregiver will offer round-the-clock companionship which is critical to the elderly. They can also be good outdoor walk partners and friendly board game opponents. Professional caregivers will always treat your elderly loved one as a member of their family, and they’ll never feel lonely.

Lack of mobility

If you notice that your aging family member has it rough moving from one place to another and requires constant assistance, then it might be a good time to seek the services of in-home care. A caregiver will be able to help move around and accomplish their daily activities such as doctor appointments, strolls at the park, going to the grocery store, and even having a bath.

Poor memory

Memory loss and other dementia symptoms can be hazardous when a senior is living alone. If you notice these signs, it is important that you hire in-home senior care services as soon as possible. A senior caregiver will remind your loved one to take their prescribed drugs and other important things on their schedule. With a caregiver taking care of your elderly relative, you will have the peace of mind to do other things and not worry about their safety.

Medication is not taken correctly

Whether it is unintentional forgetfulness or just being stubborn, missing prescribed medication is a health hazard to your elderly loved one. You can help them by creating a medication schedule for them to follow. Or, hire an in-home caregiver who will not only ensure medications are taken on time, but will also give general personalized care to your patient.

Inability to prepare food properly

Sometimes there comes a point in an older adult’s life when they lose the desire and ability to cook healthy meals for themselves. This may lead them to eat unhealthy foods which are dangerous at their age. If you notice such behavior, then it is best to seek in-home senior care services in Hollywood. The caregivers will ensure that your senior has a proper diet.

Declined personal grooming

It is not unusual for the elderly individual to overlook basic grooming habits like wearing clean clothes and bathing. It is best to hire a caregiver to assist your senior by setting up a convenient personal grooming schedule and laundry assistance.

Huge arrears in utility bills

If you notice that your elderly loved one is constantly failing to pay bills on time, then it is best that they should not live alone. Unpaid bills may lead to disconnection of amenities such as gas, water, and electricity. Do not let a loved one live in such misery, help them pay their bills and hire them a professional caregiver to assist them in their daily activities.

Desired independence

Independence and freedom are crucial for any human being. We are created to be mobile. Therefore, being restricted to a certain area can be detrimental to us both mentally and psychologically. This is why we should always respect our seniors’ decision to age and die in their homes and not a nursing center.

If you notice that your aged loved one cherishes his or her independence but would need help from time to time, then it is appropriate that you hire an in-home caregiver in Hollywood City for them.