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Simple Modifications to Make a Senior’s Home Safe

Due to old age, seniors do not have the same amount of energy and vigor they used to. Moving around the house and even performing some simple tasks starts becoming a challenge. To ensure your elderly loved one’s safety around the home, you need to adapt the home so that it becomes senior-friendly.

With aging-in-place remodeling projects, you can introduce all the necessary changes. There are also some changes you can make yourself. Take a look at how you can make the house safe for your senior.

1. Introduce more lighting
The rule of thumb is to increase the lighting around the senior’s home. Sometimes, old age comes with visual impairment. This problem can result in a number of accidents anywhere in the house, and the senior may also be having a hard time finding things. To try and partially solve this issue, increase the number of nightlights, especially in the corridors. Another option is to use more powerful bulbs. However, do not use extreme bright lights as they can easily cause eye damage.

2. Get rid of old appliances
Old is gold, but this does not apply to electronics. Replace the old electronic appliances with brand new ones. Modern appliances can automatically turn off or have easy control mechanisms which can be handled remotely. Choosing these appliances should not be a difficult task. Just walk around different stores in Beverly Hills and test the functionality of the appliance before finalizing the purchase. Make sure they are both smart and easy to use.

3. Install simple telecommunication devices
Seniors don’t need fancy mobile phones; they are after a functional, easy-to-use device. Buy a telephone which has large buttons and a pronounced display. The device should have a robust audio system so as to cater for the seniors with hearing problems. It should enable a seamless flow of communication between the senior and other people such as family members and caregivers.

4. Install functional smoke detectors
You cannot overlook the risk of a fire outbreak in your loved one’s home. You need to increase the safety of the home by making sure everything can be handled efficiently in case of a fire. Install smoke detectors and fire alarms. Carbon monoxide is one of the leading silent killers in Beverly Hills, posing a terrible danger to seniors. Carbon monoxide alarm will alert other people such as caregivers tothe presence of this deadly gas in a room.

5. Buy lighter kitchen utensils
Even if you have a senior caregiver who is providing home care services, your elderly loved one may still want to be in the kitchen. You need to make usage of the kitchen easier by buying lighter utensils. For example, get rid of the heavy pans which can fall and cause serious injuries on the body of the elderly and replace them with lighter ones which can be handled with ease.

6. Introduce simpler switches
Modern electric switches can add aesthetic value to a contemporary home. However, you should not add them at the expense of your senior’s safety. Introduce larger and simpler switches that are easy to use. Focus on their efficiency rather that aesthetic appeal.

Reliable In home care services
Even after ensuring that the senior’s home is safe, you should not assume that everything is under control. It is important that you seek in-home care services provided by reliable senior caregivers. Many people know how difficult it is to find the best caregivers in Beverly Hills. However, with the help of a responsible in home careagency that refers the most qualified caregivers anywhere in Beverly Hills, you can be sure you elderly will be safe, healthy and happy.