Home Care Agencies in Beverly Hills California

5 Benefits of Using a Home Care Agency

Having a busy lifestyle, you may not be able to provide your elderly loved ones with the care and companionship they need at their old age. Additionally, most seniorsare reluctant to leave their homes and go live in a retirement home. Luckily, agencies such as A Better Way in Home Care, step in to offer a solution anywhere in Beverly Hills and throughout California.

As a well-established home care referral agency, A Better Way in Home Care refers the best in home caregivers in Beverly Hills. These caregivers are highly trained, qualified and experienced, and deliver all services with compassion and respect.

  1. Peace of mind
    Home care referral agencies are responsible for sourcing A+ caregivers. They handle all aspects of screening, which include criminal background checks and verifying qualifications. When you hire a reliable home care referral agency, you can have a peace of mind knowing that the caregiver is fully equipped to provide the best possible level of senior home care.

    2. Certified and accredited
    Reputable referral agencies are accredited and certified by the Better Business Bureau and other relevant institutions. Working with an accredited home care agency will ensure you that all services provided comply with the state and federal standards. The agency abides by the rules and regulations of BBB when sourcing caregivers and referring them to the clients in Beverly Hills.

    3. A variety of locations
    Home care referral agencies with a vast experience and a network of caregiver are able to offer services in different locations such as Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Tarzana, Los Angeles and many more areas, meaning that you can be assigned a caregiver who lives near you on request.

    4. Caregiver checks
    Beverly Hills, California home care agencies are responsible for ensuring that the caregivers they refer are highly trained and experienced in the services they offer. These home care agencies have the experience, knowledge and resources to ensure the caregivers referred are highly skilled in fall prevention, emergency preparedness, safe infection control, personal care tasks, and other senior home care services.

    5. Less caregiver turnover
    Referral caregivers have the liberty to negotiate their rates. This acts as motivation for them since they charge what they want and are not forced to work under standards they do not appreciate. Once a caregiver settles in properly, they are less likely to leave their job due to reasons that are related to money. What’s more, the caregiver is entirely responsible for the job they will be doing so they have a strong sense of responsibility and commitment.

    The notion that referral agencies do not work on behalf of their client is false. Home care referral agencies like A Better Way In Home Care serving all of Beverly, Hills, California, work with their clients to learn what it is they are seeking in a caregiver. After that, we use this information to source for the best and most qualified candidate, who is also the perfect match for your senior loved one.