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Help with Home Care in Beverly Hills for Long-Distance Caregivers

Home Care in Beverly HillsProfessionals and those who have to travel a lot for work might find themselves in a difficult position of being a long-distance caregiver to a parent or another close family member. The fact is that visiting over scarcely and for the holidays, as well as frequent phone or video calls aren’t the best way to make sure that your loved one is properly taking care of themselves nor will it help ease your concerns. In this case, the best course of action is to seek home care in Beverly Hills, as trustworthy professionals can help ease some of that burden you are probably feeling. Here are a few other useful tips to help reassure you that your loved one is properly taking care of themselves.

Don’t always call at the same time

When people expect a meeting or a call they work towards leaving the best impression. If you establish a routine and your loved one expects a call at the same time every day, this may not reflect their actual state. This can lead to same conversations being chewed over and over, with the same pleasantries being exchanged and no new information gained whatsoever. Instead try to break that routine by calling at different times, like when your loved one is eating or after their scheduled doctor’s appointment. Talk to them in depth and pry information if you have to. Your loved ones may not be open about their condition at first, so be sure to get the most out of every conversation.

Ask a friend to visit

If you can’t visit right away, ask a close friend or your loved one’s neighbors you trust to swing by and bring them some pastry or take them out for a lunch. You can also ask them to check that their house is safe and maintained from time to time. While you might feel uncomfortable asking for such a favor, think about how you would act if you were asked to do the same thing. People sympathize with these situations more often than you would think.

Pay them a surprise visit

Consider paying your loved ones a surprise visit now and then. If you can manage such a trip, it will be a nice surprise for them and will help ease your stress. If you are living across the continent, you don’t have to be the one to pay the surprise visit either. If you know that someone is visiting there in the near future, ask them to pay your senior loved one a visit. You can ask them to deliver your loved one some desserts or a dish you know they love, and while they are visiting they will be able to tell you if your senior family member really is doing well.

Introduce them to new communication technologies

If your loved one knows how to handle a PC or a portable device, teach them to use visual-based communication software like Skype. You will be able to check up on them and see how they are doing for yourself, as well as include other family members in your conversation. If your elderly loved one is not comfortable around the latest technological advancements, there are analog alternatives available online, which are much closer to traditional telephones.

Get professional help

The best way to take care of your loved one while you are away is to ask for professional help. If you think that your elderly loved one may have troubles taking care of themselves, A Better Way in Home Care refers seasoned caregivers who can provide Beverly Hills home care to senior citizens. Contact us through our website form or at 323-650-2211 if you have any questions regarding our referral home care program.