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Visible Signs That Your Loved One Needs Assisted Living

In today’s world, numbers can lie. The age of a person cannot be used to determine whether there is the need for senior care and assisted living or not. However, it’s beyond dispute that certain challenges come with old age. Some seniors are incapable of taking care of themselves, perhaps due to a mental or physical condition, or simply due to old age. With assisted living offered by professional caregivers in Beverly Hills, they can lead healthy lives just like other people.

You don’t have to be an expert to know that your loved one needs assisted living. Here are some of the visible signs suggesting that you need to hire a senior care professional.

1. Poor health

A recent medical condition can have a serious impact on a senior’s health. For example, an accident can make an elderly immobile, cause visual impairment or paralysis. On the other hand, chronic and terminal ailments such as high blood pressure, cancer and epilepsy can affect the daily life of an elderly. If your loved one is having a serious health issue, it is important that you hire a caregiver who will offer adequate assistance when necessary.

2. Cleanliness

Have you noticed any changes in your senior loved one’s appearance? If they seem to be unable to maintain regular hygiene, it’s a clear sign they need assistance. You should be on high alert if you notice that your elderly loved one is wearing dirty clothes. An unusual odor coming from a person is another indicator that should worry you.Maybe your loved one is too tired or weak to care about their appearance, and that’s why immediate help in the form of assisted living is a smart move.

3. Carrying out daily chores

How does your senior perform routine tasks at home? Are the tasks becoming too overwhelming? If the seniors are finding it difficult to do the washing up or go shopping, you should think of finding an in home caregiver in Beverly Hills.

4. Difficulty on the road

Spare some time to go for a short car trip around Beverly Hills and let the senior be in charge of the vehicle. Try not to make it look like a test, but make it a fun experience instead. If your loved one is finding it difficult to maintain the car in its lane, you should be concerned. Maybe the age has caused visual impairment and reduced the ability to make correct judgments.

Consult a home care agency to find a caregiver who can drive your senior loved one wherever they need to go. The fact that a senior cannot drive doesn’t mean they shouldn’t go anywhere by car, especially with professional help at hand. After all, emergency trips to the hospital can be extremely challenging without a car.

5. Financial management

How does your loved one manage their finances? Are the bills piling up at an alarming rate? Poor financial management is one sure sign that your old love done needs assisted living. However, you should remember that your personal involvement in their financial management is crucial.

6. Behavior

Has your elderly loved one become forgetful or fails to recognize close people? A change in your loved one’s behavior should trigger the alarm. If they used to be outgoing and sociable but have become withdrawn all of a sudden, it could be a sign of depression. Luckily, Beverly Hills offers plenty of opportunities for the seniors to socialize – what they may need is encouragement and assistance to keep maintaining an active social life.

7. Lack of caution

You should hire an in-home caregiver if you notice that you elderly loved one has started throwing caution to the wind. For example, if the senior regularly forgets to turn off electrical appliances, you should start looking for assisted living services in Beverly Hills.

If you notice any of these signs in your loved one, start arrangements of hiring a caregiver. A Better Way in Home Care aims to help you give your elderly loved ones a happy life. Through our proven caregiver referral services, we can connect you with experienced, qualified and friendly caregivers. We don’t stop until we find the perfect client-caregiver match!