Healthy Nutrition Tips for Seniors

As we grow old, our dietary needs change. Seniors need to be very careful about the food they eat. This is because their bodies get significantly weaker as they grow older. A balanced diet will supply the body with the vital nutrients which will not only help seniors remain strong but keep diseases at bay as well.

You may be wondering about the types of food that you should give your elderly loved ones. Here are some of the nutrition tips you should consider when it comes to your senior loved ones’ diet. You should also consider hiring a qualified Beverly Hills in home caregiver to make sure the senior is sticking to the prescribed diet.

Provide food rich in calcium

Calcium is always associated with strong bones and teeth. These two parts of the body are heavily affected as we get old. One of the main functions of calcium is to strengthen the bones. Taking it on a regular basis can improve the stability of your elderly loved one as it will make their bones strong enough to support their body weight.

Another benefit of calcium is that it helps reduce blood pressure. High Blood Pressure (HBP) is a common disease among seniors and in most cases, has a fatal outcome. Some of the richest sources of calcium include leafy vegetables such as kales and spinach.

Plenty of water

As people get old, they tend to drink less amounts of water daily. This could be because they don’t get as thirsty anymore. However, the body still needs the same amount of water or even more in order to function properly. Ensure that your loved one is properly hydrated by always incorporating water into the diet.

Water comes in different forms including processed fruit juice or even raw juicy fruits such as the pineapple.

How would you know if an elderly is well hydrated? Apart from the visible signs such as dry lips, you can consult a Beverly Hills expert on senior care. A trained professional will conduct a series of tests, including the analysis of the senior’s urine sample.

Cut down on the level of sodium

As much as the seniors need adequate mineral salts, you should check the level of sodium in their diet. High intakes of sodium increase the risks of getting hypertension and other heart-related diseases. Processed foods are notorious for having high amounts of sodium. The same applies to some of the foods from restaurants including the frozen ones.

Foods that are low in sodium include unsalted nuts, brown rice, fresh fruits, nut butter and even vegetables. To ensure that your senior consumes enough amounts of sodium, it is paramount that you consider hiring a reliable senior home caregiver. You can consult a reputable caregiver referral agency such as A Better Way In Home Care to help you find the best match for your elderly loved one.

How to incorporate dietary changes

Implementing dietary changes into a senior’s life is not a walk in the park. Some of them can be stubborn especially if they are affected by some medical conditions. The best way of dealing with this issue is hiring a health-conscious caregiver who will provide the best senior home care.

To find a professional and trustworthy caregiver in Beverly Hills, you should give A Better Way in Home Care a call. We will refer a fully qualified and experienced caregiver so that you can have a peace of mind knowing your senior loved one maintains a well-balanced diet and stays healthy.